At age 86, Sarah Raskin benefited from one of the latest innovations in cardiac surgery at Huntington Hospital. She had a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), which is a less invasive option for patients than open-heart surgery.

“I had a history of atrial fibrillation and my health was failing,” says Sarah. “I was in need of a valve replacement, but I was deemed too ill for traditional open-heart surgery.”

A good candidate for TAVR, Sarah underwent the procedure and has made a full recovery. She is in good health now, thanks to the advanced care she received, and is able to continue to enjoy spending time with her family, friends and cherished companion — her Bichon Havenese, Stanley.

“I feel very fortunate to have undergone this new procedure,” Sarah says. “It was transformative! I’m no longer experiencing atrial fibrillation, my appetite and stamina have returned, and even my blood pressure is normal,” she adds. “I can’t thank Dr. Durairaj and my entire care team enough for their support every step of the way.”

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