One of Jim Horstman’s favorite pastimes is hiking. Over time, though, pain in his knees made it hard to finish long hikes. He turned to Mark Jo, MD, an orthopedic specialist at Huntington Hospital, for help.

Jim learned he had osteoarthritis — a condition in which the protective cartilage at the tips of the bones is worn down. Dr. Jo recommended knee replacement surgery. As Jim’s left knee was more damaged, they decided to operate on that knee first, with replacement of the right knee following six months later. Jim felt confident getting his surgery at Huntington Hospital, since we are a leader in this type of procedure: We were designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement, signifying expertise in delivering quality specialty care, safely and effectively.

Before the first procedure, Jim attended a special educational class led by our knowledgeable staff. These classes help prepare patients undergoing joint replacement surgery and promote the best possible outcomes. “It was very helpful,” Jim notes. “They even described how to set up everything in my home so I’d be comfortable and safe after I left the hospital.”

Jim was already walking by the evening of each surgery and our team helped arrange in-home therapy for him after he left the hospital. Before long, he was back on the trails. In summer 2019, he completed a six-day backpacking trip along parts of the John Muir and Pacific Crest trails — and he continues to hike at least twice a week pain-free.

Jim knows where he will go if he needs medical care in the future. “I only go to doctors affiliated with Huntington Hospital,” he says, “and if I ever needed another surgery, I’d go there. They provide the best care.”

Our renowned Huntington Orthopedics program includes expert staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques.  Find an orthopedist that specializes in osteoarthritis at Huntington Hospital.

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