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Williams Family

Williams Family

Yasmina Williams was three days shy of her due date when she woke up with labor pains. When her contractions intensified, her husband, Trevor, rushed her to the Family Birth Center at Huntington Hospital. “We chose to give birth at Huntington because it’s the best hospital,” Yasmina says. “Even if we lived further away, we would make the same choice.”

When she got here, our team found that Yasmina was not yet dilating. Normally, this would mean Yasmina could go home until she was further along. But something was wrong. She had alarmingly high blood pressure, protein in her urine and a fever — all signs of a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia.

Yasmina was quickly admitted. She underwent a uterine Foley balloon procedure, which helps to induce labor. Even with the unexpected changes to her birth plan, Yasmina stayed calm thanks to our attentive team. “I felt super cared for and loved,” she says, “and really had a lot of help.”

As Yasmina’s labor progressed, the baby’s first feces (meconium) was passed while she was still in utero, which can lead to serious complications. Yasmina’s OB-GYN, George Matsuda, MD, suggested she undergo a cesarean section. “All we wanted was a healthy baby and safe delivery,” Yasmina says. “Trevor and I had full trust in Dr. Matsuda and the nurses taking care of us.”

Patient story: Yasmina Trevor, and Kylie Williams

The procedure was a success, bringing baby girl Kylie into the world. After Kylie was examined by our neonatal intensive care team to ensure there were no further complications, mother and daughter spent three more nights recovering in our mother baby unit. Today, mother and daughter are thriving. The Williams family is settling into a routine and enjoying their time spent with Kylie, who has proven to be a cute and sassy, yet easygoing baby.

Yasmina is grateful for her positive birth experience here. “We are so thankful for the amazing team of attentive, professional and caring staff who made Kylie’s delivery such a smooth process,” she says. “We can’t say enough good things about Huntington!”

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