As a referee for college basketball games, Nathan Bond has to move up and down the court constantly. When he began experiencing hip pain while officiating games, he did his best to just push through and carry on. Eventually, he also started limping and knew he needed to get checked out.

Todd Dietrick, MD
Todd Dietrick, MD

Fortunately, Nathan knew exactly where to turn for help: As associate director of patient access, he has been part of the Huntington team for more than 20 years. Nathan made an appointment with Todd Dietrick, MD, medical director of our joint replacement program.

“Dr. Dietrick told me that my right hip was essentially bone-on-bone,” says Nathan. “He said he could offer some temporary pain relief, but that I needed to consider surgery.”

Ultimately, Nathan chose to undergo total joint replacement surgery here. The procedure was performed laparoscopically using a da Vinci robot. Minimally invasive surgery results in less scarring, decreased pain, and faster recovery times. In Nathan’s case, it meant he could go home the day after his surgery, instead of spending two to three days in the hospital, as was once the norm.

Following surgery, Nathan spent about three weeks recovering at home. Less than two months after the procedure, he visited New York City with his wife. “I was able to walk all over the city with no issues!” he says.

Nathan Bond, patient story

In reflecting on his patient experience, Nathan notes he is especially appreciative of how well prepared he was for surgery. “Dr. Dietrick and his team are a well-oiled machine. I knew exactly what to expect before, during and after the procedure. The hospital’s special Total Joint Replacement class was also incredibly helpful,” Nathan says.

Today, Nathan reports being in no pain, and considers his surgery a great success. He is also back to referring basketball games. “It means a lot to me to be back out on the court,” he says. “It isn’t just a great way to get exercise, it’s my place of refuge. I can’t thank Huntington Hospital enough for giving me my life back.”

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