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Hayley English and her husband, Nick, recently welcomed their son, George, into the world in May 2020. George was part of the fourth generation of the family to be born at Huntington Hospital.

When Hayley and Nick arrived at the hospital in May, the reality of a widespread pandemic was still fairly new. For many, it might have seemed a scary time to need hospital care, but Hayley and Nick knew they were in the right place. “All of the nurses and doctors were very good at communicating with us about the precautions they were taking,” Hayley says. “We felt reassured that we were in a safe environment.”

Precautions included, for example, testing both parents for COVID-19 at check-in and ensuring their caregivers wore personal protective equipment at all times. Safety protocols also meant that additional visitors were not able to join them, but “With the team’s help, it was still an exciting, happy experience,” Hayley says of her OB-GYN, Michael Mitri, MD, and other compassionate caregivers. “The whole focus was on the two of us bringing a special little life into the world.”

Today, George is a happy, healthy baby, cherished by the whole family, including big sister Emily who “gives him love constantly,” says Hayley.

The English’s family ties to the hospital extend beyond receiving care: Hayley’s grandparents, Henry and Cynthia Yost are longtime supporters. So, too, are Hayley’s parents, Debbi and Randy Hoffman.

“I honestly can’t imagine a better place than Huntington Hospital to deliver a baby,” she notes — giving credit to the expert caregivers and to the generous community donors who also play a role in making superior care possible here. “My family has been happy to help,” she adds, “because we know how important donations are to ensure such a high caliber of care.”

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