Emergency & Trauma



Raymond Towns can only guess what happened after the car struck him. He had been riding his bike in Pasadena and the car was traveling at 40 miles an hour. He was knocked unconscious. “When I woke up,” he says, “I didn’t know what had happened. I was surprised when they told me I was in an accident.”

Raymond had been rushed via ambulance to Huntington Hospital Trauma Center. He had numerous traumatic injuries — to his pelvis, jaw, leg and ankle. He also had a large laceration on his head. Five of his ribs were fractured, one of his lungs had collapsed, and he was bleeding internally.

Our trauma team worked quickly and effectively. They operated on Raymond to repair his collapsed lung and his damaged jaw, leg and ankle. They used a minimally invasive technique to stop internal bleeding and inserted a tube via his chest to drain excess fluid that was building up inside him. He remained in the hospital for five days, receiving additional treatment and monitoring as he began the recovery process.

Ramond’s accident took place on January 3, 2019. Two months later, he reports, “I’m pretty much healed. It’s going quicker than I thought.” Raymond now has a new lease on life: Before the accident, he had lost touch with some of his family members, but with support from our team, he reconnected with them during his hospital stay. “I’m so grateful,” he says. “Thank God Huntington Hospital was there for me. They brought me back to life — in more ways than one.”

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