When Lisa Perkins began feeling unwell, she visited Huntington Hospital oncologist Dr. Annie Yessaian, who had previously treated her successfully for ovarian cancer.

A computerized tomography scan detected a tumor on Lisa’s kidney and she was referred to Dr. Armen Dikranian, urologic surgeon and the medical director of the robotic surgery program.

Dr. Dikranian recommended that Lisa’s procedure be performed — with a few small incisions — using one of Huntington Hospital’s state-of-the-art da Vinci surgical robots. Following the approximately three-hour procedure, Lisa remained in the hospital for just two days before she was able to return home. She was then able to return to work a short time after that.

“We all lead very fast-paced lives,” says Lisa. “I can’t tell you how grateful I was to be back on my feet so shortly after surgery. Dr. Dikranian and his staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating,” she adds, “and I recovered much more quickly than I have after other surgeries.”

Lisa is now healthy and happy – working full-time at the company she’s been with for 44 years and enjoying her new role as a grandmother.

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