Pete Sanchez was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2010. After discussing his treatment options with his physician, he decided to have surgery. Pete was referred to Armen Dikranian, MD, our medical director of robotic surgery, for a partial nephrectomy. This delicate procedure removes the tumor while saving the kidney.

The minimally invasive procedure was a success, thanks to the surgeon’s expertise and the high level of precision that is possible using robotic techniques. Pete was cancer free. “I appreciated the minimally invasive option,” he says, “and Dr. Dikranian had a very compassionate approach.”

Pete remained healthy for six years but was then diagnosed with prostate cancer. “I heard somewhere along the way that if cancer happens once, it can happen again,” he says, “so it didn’t come as a total surprise.”

Although the cancer diagnosis was stressful, Pete was reassured by his confidence in Dr. Dikranian and his local hospital: “In my book, if you have to go somewhere for care, Huntington Hospital is the hospital of choice,” he says. “They are professional and know exactly what they’re doing.”

Again using robotic surgery techniques, Dr. Dikranian operated on Pete, leaving him cancer free once more. Recovery, notes Pete, “was a matter of breathing exercises, follow-up appointments and waiting for my small wounds to heal,” he says. “There was no negative when it came to the care I received,” he adds.

Pete remains vigilant regarding his health — and grateful to those who provided his care. “Thank you is not enough,” he says, “especially for Dr. Dikranian. He is compassionate and experienced, and I knew he was looking out for me. What can you say to the man who saved your life more than once?”

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