Deborah Melahouris suffered a near-deadly stroke that left her paralyzed on one side of her body and unable to speak. Thanks to the care she received at Huntington Hospital, Debo­rah is walking, talking — and even working and driving — again.

She and her husband, Michael, deeply appreciate the lifesaving care provided by the hospital, as well as the support their family received here during a very difficult time. “I was given a one-percent chance of surviving,” says Deborah, “and the doctors at Huntington Hospital saved my life. I don’t have anything but gratitude for the support and care I received, and I feel so blessed to have come so far in my recovery.”

“I just attended my son’s graduation,” Deborah adds. “I’m so thankful to the doctors, nurses and donors at the hospital for giving me a second chance at life. I’m not supposed to be here, so every day is a gift.”

Huntington Hospital provides diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services to adult and pediatric patients experiencing a neurological or neurosurgical injury or disorder such as a stroke. Find a vascular neurologist or neurosurgeon that specializes in strokes at Huntington Hospital.

Watch as Deborah and Michael share their story.

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