Cathy Medina’s hip pain had taken over her life. Over the course of a year, it seemed like she tried everything: pain relievers, walking with a cane and even a cortisone shot. Nothing worked. She had trouble doing anything due to her excruciating condition. She relied on her daughter to help her get groceries and complete other household tasks.

Cathy longed to regain independence in her daily life. She visited a few doctors at other hospitals who told her that her hip pain was a result of osteoarthritis, but they could not help further. Cathy was frustrated. “I felt like I wasn’t being listened to,” she says.

Although she lives in Monterey Park, Cathy decided to visit Huntington Hospital for another opinion. George Tang, MD, listened to her concerns and recommended surgery. “I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Tang,” Cathy says. “He was so kind, and he believed in me. It was such a relief to know something was finally going to be done to ease my pain.”

This spring, Cathy underwent a joint replacement surgery to replace her right hip. The procedure was a success. “Everyone at the hospital was so kind, gentle, thoughtful and encouraging,” she shares. “I never felt like I was asking a stupid question when it came to my care.” She returned home quickly after spending only one night in the hospital. Cathy began in-home physical therapy right away, doing exercises three times a day. Thanks to this high-level of personalized care, she was able to return to work six weeks after surgery.

Now, Cathy has regained her independence and can complete her errands, housework and laundry without pain. She can also spend time with her daughter, with whom she enjoys traveling and going to amusement parks. “I finally feel normal,” she says. “If I need care again, I’m never going anywhere other than Huntington Hospital.”

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