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Maternal Wellness Program



In 2019, Becky Harman and her husband, Tyler, were delighted to welcome their baby boy, Cooper. When it was time for Tyler to go back to work, though, Becky developed intense anxiety. She had trouble eating and sleeping. Eventually, her anxiety led to severe depression, and suicidal thoughts. “I started working on Cooper’s baby book,” she says, “so he would have something to remember me by after I died.”

Becky turned to her doctor for help, as well as the emergency department at a local hospital. She even went to a mental health facility. “I saw so many doctors,” she says. It seemed like no one knew exactly how to help her. She felt hopeless. She felt alone.

Then, Becky found our Maternal Wellness Program, and it changed everything. As part of the program, she started attending intensive outpatient sessions at our hospital three days per week. “I immediately knew it was where I should’ve been all along,” she says.

Becky loved that she could bring Cooper with her to the sessions, but what she loved most was connecting with other moms in the program. “It meant so much to talk with people going through what I was going through,” she says. “It made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

Today, Becky is a happy, doting mom to Cooper and wants to help other moms with postpartum anxiety and depression. She recently earned a certification in perinatal mental health, and is the maternal wellness coordinator for a local group that supports mothers. She also tells doctors and friends about our Maternal Wellness Program. “I would not hesitate to recommend Huntington Hospital’s Maternal Wellness Program to anyone,” she says. “It’s such a wonderful, important service. It made all the difference for me.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Maternal Wellness Program is being held virtually. Visit to learn more.

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