Mary Boyle is a part of the Huntington Hospital family. She has been an active volunteer in our S. Robert and Denise Zeilstra Gift Shop for years. When she had a pain that would not go away, she knew she wanted to come here for care. She came to see Todd Dietrick, MD, to find out what was wrong and discuss options.

An X-ray revealed that the cartilage between the bones in Mary’s right hip had worn away. While a cortisone shot would normally help with the pain, Mary is allergic to it. She would need surgery to replace her damaged hip.

“It was a very smooth process,” she says. “The staff made sure I knew what to expect, and that made me feel comfortable with the care I was getting.” Before surgery, Mary took our joint replacement class, which we encourage all hip replacement surgery candidates to attend. During class, she learned about the procedure she would be undergoing, and how to make her recovery easier.

The day after her operation, Mary was already back at home, and thanks to what she learned in our class, her recovery was fast. She was soon driving again — and back to volunteering in our gift shop, as well as traveling, hiking and enjoying her other favorite activities. In fact, five months after surgery, Mary climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty!

“Unless I see the scar, I forget I even had my hip done,” she says. “I’m not walking on eggshells anymore, like I was before surgery. I’m able to keep going, and enjoy new adventures with my family.”

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