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Family Birth Center

Peyton Jeffrey (PJ)

Peyton Jeffrey (PJ)

When Mayra Epstein was choosing where to give birth, she relied on the advice of friends and family. She and her husband, Paul, had heard only good things about Huntington Hospital-affiliated OBGYNs, nurses and facilities from many sources — including her own father, who has worked at the hospital for more than a decade. Still, the expectant parents felt nervous about the uncertainty of having a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At 39 weeks, Mayra began experiencing back pain and contractions. It seemed their baby would be arriving a bit earlier than expected — so they rushed to our Family Birth Center.

As soon as they arrived, Mayra and Paul’s anxieties were relieved. “From the nurse who first checked me in, to the nurses and doctors with us during the delivery, everyone made us feel safe and comfortable,” Mayra says. “Everybody was wearing a mask at all times,” Paul adds. In addition to wearing personal protective equipment, our staff tested both parents for COVID-19.

A few hours after the Epsteins arrived at the hospital, Mayra gave birth to Peyton Jeffrey (PJ) Epstein, a healthy baby boy.

Although friends and family were not able to visit for safety reasons, our care team worked hard to ensure the couple’s experience was still positive. “They went above and beyond to make our stay special,” Paul noted. “I could sense they really cared,” Mayra adds.

Mayra and Paul have been treasuring quality time spent with PJ. They remain grateful to our Huntington baby team and recommend our hospital to other expectant parents. “If you want to give birth somewhere that treats you like family,” she says, “Huntington Hospital is the place.”

Learn what to expect during your pregnancy. Have a healthy pregnancy by finding a local OBGYN specializing in women’s health and affiliated with Huntington Hospital.

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