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During the recent birth of her baby at Huntington Hospital, Marcela* realized the life-saving importance of donating blood. Marcela was pregnant with her second child and developed a life-threatening complication that required a platelet transfusion.

“My platelet count was low, so there was a risk that my baby was not getting enough oxygen to survive,” Marcela says. “The platelet transfusion saved my life and the life of my baby.”

Marcela also needed a blood transfusion after her cesarean section because her red blood cell count was low. “I think of what could’ve happened without the transfusions,” she says, “and I realize the profound effect blood donations have.”

Marcela is grateful to blood donors. “Every donation makes a difference. It could save the life of someone in an accident or a new life being brought into the world. Please consider donating blood today.”

*Patient’s name changed to protect confidentiality.

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