Richard Brito was receiving cortisone shots for knee pain, but he knew it was not a permanent solution: His knees were hurting more and more as time went on. Then, during a practice session with his community softball team, he felt a new pain in his left knee, causing him to limp. He made a doctor’s appointment for the next day.

Already a patient of orthopedic surgeon Daniel Laster, MD, Richard returned to see this specialist — a member of Huntington Hospital’s medical staff — for advice. “He told me the shots weren’t going to help any more,” Richard says. “Bone was rubbing on bone.”

Richard would need total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Laster recommended treating the left knee first, allowing time for it to heal before treating the right knee. The second surgery was completed in 2018. “I had complete trust in Dr. Laster,” Richard says, “and complete trust in Huntington Hospital. I knew they would take care of me there.”

Richard was pleased with the support he received leading up to each of his surgeries. “The hospital made it easy,” he says. “I thought the presurgical education was great. It really prepares you for what will happen.” In addition, “By noon on the day of my second surgery, I was walking already!”

Physical therapy services supported Richard in his recovery, both in the hospital and after he returned home. “The people there do everything they can to help,” he says. “The experience was perfect, and I felt like I got VIP treatment.”

Richard is now fully recovered and back to playing softball. “My friends can’t believe how well I recovered,” he says. “I recommend Dr. Laster to everyone and if I ever need any other treatment, I’m going to Huntington Hospital.”

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