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Elizabeth Lascaze was in extreme pain. It started suddenly when she was just 23 weeks pregnant with twins. Something was wrong.

“It was terrifying,” says Elizabeth. “I didn’t know if we were going to lose the babies.”

Her physician determined that Elizabeth was going into labor — dangerously early. Her twins needed more time in the womb to develop fully.

Elizabeth was immediately brought to our perinatal high-risk unit, which specializes in helping moms-to-be who risk premature delivery or other complications of pregnancy. Patients here get medically supervised bed rest. Our skilled medical team monitors their vital signs, and their babies’ status — and intervenes promptly to support the best outcomes.

Elizabeth remained in our perinatal high-risk unit for three months. On October 23, 2017, she gave birth to sons, Carter and Harrison. Because Harrison’s body was having trouble regulating his blood sugar levels, he went on to receive care in our neonatal intensive care unit. Two weeks later, he was strong enough to join his twin brother at home, with their family. Today, both boys are healthy and happy — and the loves of their parents’ lives.

“I’m so grateful for the medical team at Huntington Hospital,” says Elizabeth, “but it’s really hard to say ‘thank you,’ because those two simple words don’t seem like they’re enough for what the entire team did for us. They held our hands every step of the way. They made it really clear that they were there along the journey with us.

“Every single person came together to make what was an otherwise harrowing experience something we’ll always look back on fondly,” she adds. “Huntington Hospital will always have a really special place in our hearts.”

Learn what to expect during your pregnancy, especially when you are expecting twins. Have a healthy pregnancy by finding a local OBGYN specializing in women’s health and affiliated with Huntington Hospital.

Watch as Elizabeth and Chris tell their story.

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