“Thanks to Huntington,
I can put my heart
into riding again.”


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Welcome to the heart of patient care.

From heart diagnosis and treatment to recovery and research, Huntington Health’s state-of-the-art heart program brings cardiology services and the latest medical technologies together under one roof. 

The Helen and Will Webster Heart & Vascular Center, opened in 2021, reduced time to treatment for cardiac patients, increasing the number of patients we treat by 30 percent.

We have also recently expanded our dedicated cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery program. Led by Robbin Cohen, MD, Cedars-Sinai’s top-ranked cardiac surgery program is now available to patients throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Click here to meet our expert surgeons.

If you need a trusted cardiologist or cardiac surgeon, follow your heart to Huntington Hospital – we look forward to welcoming you.

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“I have three small children and a husband. Not only do I need them, but they need me! I look at life and the importance of heart health differently now that Huntington Hospital gave me a second chance.” -Tina Gocke

Treatment Options

Offering a full spectrum of advanced medical and surgical cardiac treatments, our Webster Heart and Vascular Center provides superior care, and we do it with heart. 

Innovative treatment options range from complex valve repair and replacement, coronary artery bypass grafting, aortic root and arch surgery to surgical treatment of arrhythmias and minimally invasive valve and thoracic surgeries.

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Dr. Cohen a cardiac surgeon

Meet the Surgical Team

Expert surgeons have recently joined the cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery program at Huntington Health to offer a wide-range of lifesaving and life-enhancing surgeries to local patients.

In addition to the already robust interventional and non-invasive options we offer at our Helen & Will Webster Heart and Vascular Center, we now have the best surgical team available around the clock for more complex cases.

Screening Guidelines
& Diagnosis

We offer a full range of diagnostic services to patients experiencing heart-related problems. Our extensive testing capabilities allow us to determine the presence and extent of cardiac diseases and disorders.

Additionally, our emergency department is dedicated to providing prompt intervention during a cardiac emergency.

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Support & Rehabilitation

We know that heart disease affects our patients, and their families and friends, in many ways. In addition to offering healing and strengthening rehabilitation services, we also provide support and resources for you and your loved ones.

Patient Stories

patient stories portrait: Tina Gocke


As a young, lively working mom of three, Tina Gocke always considered herself a healthy person. Yes, she had occasional migraines and fatigue, but she chalked those symptoms up to a busy life. Tina’s life changed in September 2017, when she was outside playing with her kids. Suddenly she was unable to hold her water […]

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