Huntington Health Perinatal Diabetes Program


Huntington Health Perinatal Diabetes Program

Our Perinatal Diabetes Program promotes healthy outcomes for women with diabetes during pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy affects approximately 200,000 women nationwide each year. The good news is diabetes during pregnancy can be managed by adjustments in lifestyle, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Our team offers support in two ways:

Diabetes During Pregnancy: Free Virtual Diabetes Classes for Expecting Mothers

We are proud to offer our free virtual Diabetes During Pregnancy class. Our virtual group classes are delivered live by certified and credentialed instructors. Registration is free but required.

Diabetes During Pregnancy is a 90-minute class held twice monthly. This free virtual education class reviews diabetes during pregnancy, (pre-existing or newly-diagnosed gestational diabetes). It addresses what is going on in your body, risks if untreated, and what you can do to take care of yourself and baby to achieve an optimal outcome.

These virtual group classes will cover:  

  • How to control blood sugar throughout your pregnancy
  • Effective meal planning
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Important information about blood glucose and baby’s health

Click here to learn more about our Diabetes During Pregnancy virtual classes and sign up.

One-on-One Virtual Diabetes Support

We also provide one-on-one virtual diabetes support, available with a referral from your physician. This one-on-one support will help determine your risk factors, develop a plan to reduce those risks, and help you manage your diabetes throughout your pregnancy. This support includes help designing your food log, diabetes education, insulin education, and blood glucose monitoring. Services are provided by registered dieticians and RN diabetic educators, 7 days a week by appointment.

This program is available by physician referral. If you think you would benefit from the diabetes virtual support services at Huntington Hospital, please talk to your doctor.

Managing diabetes during pregnancy is important. Diabetes support can help avoid complications including macrosomia (high infant birth weight), increased risk of birth trauma, increased risk of newborn admission for control of blood sugar, potential birth defects, and type 2 diabetes later in life for women with a history of gestational diabetes.