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Huntington Baby Virtual Live Classes

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, life-changing moments you’ll ever experience. Huntington Baby’s safe, family-centered care is focused on giving your baby the best possible start to life, and ensuring that you are prepared for baby

Preparing You for Baby

We are proud to offer Virtual Live classes to help prepare you for your birth experience, breastfeeding and baby care. In today’s challenging environment, we are offering these customized live classes to our Huntington parents, at no charge, to provide you the information you need in a safe and convenient way.

COVID-19 Update: Maternity Tours Temporarily Cancelled

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Class Descriptions

Virtual Live Class Descriptions

We are proud to offer a comprehensive set of virtual live classes just for Huntington Hospital parents. We are offering these classes as a complimentary service to our parents during this challenging time.

Classes will be delivered live by certified and credentialed instructors. Registration is free but required.

In this class we teach your “how to eat for two!” Learn all of the ways to have a healthy pregnancy by learning important nutrition guidelines. We also discuss how to keep baby healthy with current evidence based nutrition recommendations.

Childbirth Preparation is a three part series which covers the third trimester, how our body prepares for childbirth, an over view of labor and vaginal birth, comfort measures including drug free options and hospital based interventions like epidurals and other medical interventions, such as inductions, fetal monitoring and c-sections.

  • Class 1: LABOR AND VAGINAL BIRTH- Reviews the third trimester, how labor begins, the four stages of labor, when to come to the hospital and vaginal birth
  • Class 2: PAIN MANAGEMENT – Reviews many non-pharmacological (drug-free) comfort measures for labor as well as common medications used for pain relief
  • Class 3: BIRTH INTERVENTIONS – Reviews common birth interventions including fetal monitoring, inductions, cesarean sections and recovery from childbirth

Breastfeeding is a three-part series that reviews the basics of breastfeeding, including how we make milk, how to get a comfortable latch, how to know if baby is getting enough and early common challenges and how to overcome them.

  • Class 1: BREASTFEEDING BASICS – Covers health care recommendations for breastfeeding including the benefits for families, how we make milk, how to get off to a great start with a good, deep latch at breast and hand expression.
  • Class 2: MAKING MILK – Reviews the Breastfeeding Basics, provides more practice for positioning and latching baby and addresses common early concerns like sore nipples, engorgement and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk.
  • Class 3: SUPPORTING BREASTFEEDING- Addresses how to initiate a milk supply when challenges are unavoidable such as early latching challenges, NICU admission and/or returning to work. A review of hand expression and mechanical pumping is included.

Caring for Baby is a three part series of classes designed to help you understand basic newborn care, newborn behavior and how to prepare your home for bringing home baby.

  • Class 1: BABY CARE – Reviews how newborns look and behave right after birth, responsive feeding techniques, diapering, bathing and normal newborn elimination patterns, how to keep baby healthy and when to call the doctor.
  • Class 2: BABY BEHAVIOR – Describes common “4th trimester” needs of the newborn including how infants use cues, crying and sleep to tell us what they need.
  • Class 3: BECOMING PARENTS – Shares how to make a safe home and life for your baby, including car seats, safe sleep guidelines, financial considerations including health and life insurance plans and covers how to create a maternal wellness plan and more.

Some mothers and babies may find themselves delivering early and baby may spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU. In this class we cover signs of preterm labor, common treatments in the NICU, how to participate in the care of your preemie baby and how to prepare to come home with your premature baby.

Diabetes During Pregnancy is a 90-minute class held twice monthly. This free virtual education class reviews diabetes during pregnancy, (pre-existing or newly-diagnosed gestational diabetes). It addresses what is going on in your body, risks if untreated, and what you can do to take care of yourself and baby to achieve an optimal outcome.

Class Schedule

Huntington Baby Virtual Live Class Schedule

Maternity Tour and Orientation

Our free Maternity Tour (temporarily suspended) is designed to help expectant couples prepare for birth at Huntington Hospital. Information is provided regarding the admissions process and birth services, followed by a guided tour of the labor & delivery and postpartum areas. Registration is required.