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Hospitalized COVID-19 Positive Patients

Huntington Hospital Covid-19 Dashboard

ICU Covid Positive
Midnight Count
Admitted Covid Positive
Midnight Count
100% Unvaccinated
▼1 From Previous Midnight
64% Unvaccinated
▲1 From Previous Midnight

Hospitalization COVID-Positive Patients: 7-Day Moving Average

Huntington Hospital has been testing for COVID-19 along CDC guidelines to include high-risk individuals, those who are very ill and require hospital care, healthcare providers, and other high-likelihood individuals due to known exposures. The number of positive patients may not indicate overall prevalence of COVID-19 in the outside community.

Last updated: 09/30/2022

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Together, we can keep our community healthy. On this page, we have gathered information about COVID-19, current infection prevention guidance, and resources from trusted national and local organizations.

Visit the CDC for COVID-19 basics:

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Healthcare Workers Still Need Your Support

While we are encouraged by the decline in COVID-19 in our community,
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