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Huntington Hospital Provides Over $120 Million in Community Benefits

Huntington Hospital Provides Over $120 Million in Community Benefits
Jul 9 2019

As part of its non-profit mission, Huntington Hospital provides significant benefits to the communities it serves, often in the form of health education, outreach, and low or no-cost hospital care for the uninsured and those with limited means. In 2018, the hospital provided an estimated total of $120,533,094 worth of health care services and support to residents of the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.

As the leading non-profit health care institution in the San Gabriel Valley, it is our responsibility to provide wellness support to those who are in need,” said Lori J. Morgan, MD, MBA, President and CEO, Huntington Hospital. “At Huntington Hospital, we take this commitment very seriously. I’m proud to share this report that details all of the ways we help create health and well-being for our family, friends and neighbors in the community.”

These community benefits include charity care for those patients unable to pay, as well as care expenses underwritten by the hospital that reflect the differences between the actual cost of the care and the amount of money received for patients covered by Medicare and/or Medi-Cal.

Community benefits support research, education, and training, including clinical research, graduate medical education programs, scholarships, and continuing education in nursing and many other disciplines as well as benefits directed to the community-at-large, such as seniors, other vulnerable populations or the underserved, and those suffering from specific diseases (such as heart failure).

In 2018, Huntington Hospital provided:
75,866 visits to Huntington Hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Center

5,876 visits to Huntington Ambulatory Care Center (for low or no-cost primary care and specialty care)

Weekly breastfeeding support groups for 3,120 mothers

1,862 free flu shots to members of the community

Support and referrals for 2,772 callers to Senior Care Network Resource Center

1,750 free health screenings and counseling, and free health education classes for 1,794 community members

These benefits, and many more, are described in detail in an annual Community Benefits Report submitted to the state each May. To review the complete 2018 Community Benefits Report, please visit: