Community Benefit

As a non-profit we reinvest in our community to ensure everyone stays healthy. Often, that means providing services that other for-profit institutions are unable to offer for financial reasons.

Community Benefit at Huntington Hospital

Along with almost 3,000 other nonprofit hospitals in the United States, Huntington Hospital forms the backbone of our nation’s healthcare system. Our mission is to ensure care and access for everyone, while always operating with the community’s best interest in mind. We are also focused on reinvesting in our community.

Because of this commitment we are not taxed. Instead we make a pledge that every dollar will be invested back into the community in ways that do the most good — often providing services that would otherwise be absent from the community. This investment is what we call our Community Benefit.

Giving Back. $161.5 million in community benefits provided in 2022

Reporting our Progress

Community Benefit Report

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Every three years we conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment with the City of Pasadena Public Health Department. The goal of this collaborative effort is to conduct a joint, systematic analysis of health indicators that provides insight into the health status and needs of residents in the Greater Pasadena area. Huntington Hospital develops a 3-Year Implementation Strategy to set goals, strategies, actions and measurable objectives to address important community health needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Implementation Strategy

HH & PPHD Collaborative Reporting

Please direct questions and feedback to Ruth Pichaj.

Financial Assistance

Being a nonprofit means that we never turn anybody away — regardless of ability to pay. This is core to our mission and always has been. Even given healthcare reform’s best intentions there are many uninsured or under-insured people, and nonprofit hospitals will always be called upon to provide live-saving care and reduce the pain and suffering of those in need.

Providing Critical and Financially Challenging Services

We provide critically important services that are financially challenging, like serving as our region’s only trauma center, and providing a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Nonprofit hospitals provide these specialized services as part of their mandate to ensure all community members are served.

Services and Education for Specific Populations

If not for Huntington Hospital, services like our Senior Care Network and other specialized programs and services would be absent from our region. These include free health clinics and educational programs for specific San Gabriel Valley resident populations: everything from flu clinics for children and adults to educational programs about diabetes, asthma and healthy eating and lifestyle.

Professional Education

We are proud to provide clinical education for nurses, pharmacists, respiratory and physical therapists, dietitians and others — as well as our world-renowned Graduate Medical Education programs in internal medicine and surgery that train the next generation of physicians to serve our region.