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Jul 15 2019

Congratulations to DAISY Award winner, Anthony Rosas, RN

As a designated Magnet hospital, Huntington Hospital is a recognized leader in nursing excellence. Every day, our nurses go above and beyond for our patients, and we are proud to recognize them for their efforts. Huntington Hospital’s recent DAISY Award winner, Anthony Rosas, RN was nominated by a patient who wrote the following:

Anthony Rosas holding the Dasy award

I recently met Anthony Rosas, RN, at Huntington Hospital when I was a patient. It is my pleasure to recommend Anthony for the Daisy Award. My wife spent each night in the hospital with me during my ordeal. Based on our experience together, I can confidently nominate Anthony for such an award from a personal perspective. The professionalism in the day-to-day care I received from Anthony was really appreciated when I was not operating at 100 percent because the high blood pressure medication I was being prescribed was very aggressive. I am not proud to admit I was groggy and grumpy at times. I do recall from the moment he introduced himself as the nurse who would be caring for me when the shift change happened, Anthony took the time to go over my doctors’ orders, current medications, and my limitations without rushing. He did not offer the reflex responses. He demonstrated that he cared by listening compassionately and attentively to me, and even listened to my wife’s concerns. It wasn’t just the care that he provided to me but, to my wife and it made an enormous difference in our lives. I have no doubt that he was instrumental in getting me released from the hospital. He was compassionate about my anxiousness to be released but showed skillful care in collaborating with all who were involved to make my release from the hospital the smoothest transaction of the day. Two days before I was released, he showed great integrity when we discussed the consequences of wanting to be released before all the doctors responsible for my care were in agreement to do so-this was a big deal. It showed me his real character and proved him to be an outstanding role model in nursing. Please know that I am doing well and have completely recovered which without a doubt is from the excellent care I received at Huntington Hospital. Anthony personifies Huntington Hospital’s nursing core values of excellence, professionalism, integrity, collaboration and compassion. Any accolades he receives in connection with my letter are well deserved for the super-human work he does every day.

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