Huntington Hospital Doctors

Our physician partners deliver high-quality medical care.


A doctor posing with a patient that is laying in hospital bed

You’re in the best and most skilled hands at Huntington Hospital. We work with the best doctors who provide our patients with the highest-quality medical care.

Affiliated physician partners are highly trained and respected experts in their fields, skilled at leading care teams and overseeing the care process from diagnosis to discharge and beyond.

Affiliated doctors at our hospital work as part of a team that includes hospitalists, intensivists, nurses, technicians, therapists and other support care providers. Learn more about your care team at Huntington Hospital.

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Huntington Health Physicians

In close partnership with Huntington Hospital, our Huntington Health Physicians (HHP) providers interact with patients along a continuum of care spanning pediatric, adult, and specialty care, as well as hospital-based care.