Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are one of the hospital's greatest assets. Join 1,500 people supporting their community hospital.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the face of our community. Hundreds of volunteers donate over 100,000 hours annually, helping to make the hospital environment friendly and welcoming at a time when people are vulnerable and scared.

You will find friendly volunteer faces in many hospital departments.

Click here to view a full list of all volunteer departments.

Below are just some areas where you may want to volunteer.

A smiling volunteer working.

Nursing Stations

A volunteer at the nursing station.

Nursing station volunteers provide non-clinical support wherever needed.

These volunteers assist our nursing staff with answering phones and call lights, patient discharges, blood pick-up for transfusions, restocking supplies, passing waters and transporting patients to and from tests and procedures.

This assignment gives a true experience of spending time on a hospital unit.

Patient Relations

Patient relations volunteers visit patients to listen, comfort them and help address their non-medical needs and concerns during hospitalization.

Two volunteers in the library

High School Volunteers

A rwo of young high school volunteers.

We have hundreds of high school students representing over 40 different schools who donate their limited time!

They service almost every assignment available at Huntington Hospital. Many of them return during college and often after they graduate.

Many have shared that their experiences as a volunteer, chose them to pursue a career in healthcare.

Music Volunteers

We believe that music is an expression of compassion and inspiration, and an invaluable comfort to our patients and staff.

Music volunteers provide an uplifting and mood altering experience through calming or sometimes familiar music.

At present, we have piano players on our rehab unit and other volunteers who travel to floors playing guitar, harp, violin and the ukulele.

A music volunteer playing the piano.

Gift Shop

The S. Robert and Denise Zeilstra Gift Shop is located in the hospital’s main lobby, and provides a welcome respite for visitors and staff alike. Volunteers donate their time throughout the year. All sales from the gift shop goes to the hospital’s general fund with candy sales going to the student scholarship fund for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Volunteers can also assist with our Gift Shop on the Go program. This assignment has the volunteer traveling to floors bringing treats and snacks and holiday specialties to busy staff who can’t get to the gift shop. You are the most popular person in the hospital!

Learn more on the Gift Shop page.

Three volunteers manning the gift shop.
Two volunteers moving a mobile gift shop cart.

Huntington Collection

Two volunteers within racks of pants in the unique resale shop.

The Huntington Collection is a unique resale shop of Huntington Health that sells merchandise through qualified donations. Their new location is at 2760 East Colorado Blvd., in Pasadena. All Huntington Collection proceeds benefit Huntington Hospital’s Senior Care Network.

Clerical Work

There are many opportunities to help office staff with clerical duties.

You may help with data entry, answering phones, helping with general questions about the department, filing, and making information packets.

You become an invaluable member of the team.

A clerical volunteer.

Information Desk & Lobby Escort

Three female volunteers at the information desk.

At our Main Lobby Information Desk, you are the first friendly face our patients and visitors see. You look up room numbers, provide visitor stickers and answer frequent questions.

Lobby escorts greet every visitor, direct them to check-in, and will get them to their destination. You will definitely get your steps in with this assignment, and keep our visitors from getting lost.

Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT)

Some of the most popular volunteers at Huntington have four legs.

The teams bring great comfort to patients, visitors and staff alike. You must have your own dog to participate in PAT.

New teams are always welcome! Learn more: Pet Assisted Therapy

A pet assisted therapist walking the dog.


A volunteer performing Reiki on a patient

Huntington Hospital is pleased to offer Reiki, an ancient practice that uses energy to promote healing.

We provide this service for both patients and staff with both expressing deep appreciation for the comfort Reiki provides.

Lost and Found

Each week volunteers check our patient care areas for items left behind by patients. They document the found items and reunite these belongings with the patient.

A volunteer moving a cart full of binders.