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Nov 7 2017

Huntington Hospital Provides Stop the Bleed Training to Pasadena Unified School District Nurses

A physician showing how to draw blood by performing on a dummy arm

Recently, Amal Obaid-Schmid, MD, medical director, trauma services, Huntington Hospital, and members of the hospital’s trauma team, trained Pasadena Unified School District school nurses in a national program called Stop the Bleed. This valuable program is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts to encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professionals arrive.

“Often times, school nurses are first responders in injuries and accidents during the school day,” said Dr. Obaid-Schmid. “Stop the Bleed provides valuable training so these nurses can better help contain injuries while emergency services are on their way.”

To learn more about Stop the Bleed, please visit: Stop the Bleed