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Huntington Hospital Announces Gift of $5 Million from the AS&F Foundation

Huntington Hospital Announces Gift of $5 Million from the AS&F Foundation
Nov 14 2017

Huntington Hospital announced today that it has been named the recipient of a $5 million gift from the AS&F Foundation. The AS&F Foundation will close its doors in 2018, after 67 years in existence and 30 years of partnering with Huntington Hospital. The foundation’s trustees have selected the hospital as one of 12 organizations to receive final grants.

“After much deliberation, our board has decided to sunset the foundation, disbursing its funds in the form of significant gifts to organizations we have worked with and which we know will be good stewards of the funds,” says AS&F Foundation President John Llewellyn. “The foundation selected Huntington Hospital because it is a true gem of health care in the San Gabriel Valley.”

The AS&F Foundation has been a steadfast supporter of more than 100 organizations in Southern California in the past. Originally known as Forest Lawn Foundation, it was established in 1951 by Hubert Eaton, creator of the memorial park concept and developer of Forest Lawn Memorial–Parks & Mortuaries. In recent years, the foundation has focused its philanthropy on residential camping programs. It has also provided support for other worthy organizations, including the hospital.

“Huntington Hospital is an essential community resource,” says foundation trustee Carol Llewellyn. “While we all hope never to need hospital care, when we do, it’s important that it’s the best it can be. In working with the hospital, we have particularly appreciated their very personal approach and their thoughtful stewardship of our funds.”

“We’re honored and humbled by this immensely generous gift from the AS&F Foundation,” says Jane Haderlein, senior vice president, philanthropy and public relations, Huntington Hospital. “The funds will help the hospital continue to provide the highest level of care for our region. Over the years, we’ve relied on the foundation’s annual support to help us grow into the world-class institution we are today. They will be greatly missed.”