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Aug 21 2018

Business Life Magazine recognizes Amal Obaid-Schmid, MD as Healthcare Hero

Amal Obaid-Schmid

Congratulations to Huntington Hospital’s medical director of trauma services, Amal Obaid-Schmid, MD, for being named a Healthcare Hero in the most recent issue of Business Life Magazine!

Dr. Obaid-Schmid is featured for her above and beyond work to train people throughout our community on how to “Stop the Bleed.” These hands-on trainings teach invaluable information on how to use tourniquets and control bleeding in traumatic injuries – helping save lives before emergency medical personnel are able to arrive.

“I always wanted to be a doctor…since I was a little girl,” said Dr. Obaid-Schmid. “When I was completing my residency training, I immediately chose to focus on trauma surgery. Every day, I have the opportunity to save a life. I just know this is where I belong in the healthcare field, and I’m so proud to lead the efforts for the largest trauma center in the San Gabriel Valley.”

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