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Mental Health Month: How to recognize someone is hurting

Mental Health Month: How to recognize someone is hurting
May 4 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a good time to check-in with our friends, family and colleagues who may be experiencing emotional distress or depression. Sometimes it can be hard to own and admit we are hurting. We may regularly smile and “carry on” in the name of caring for others, before expressing feelings ourselves. Is it possible that a smiling, non-complaining person could be hurting on the inside? Huntington Health’s Mitch Martens, clinical wellness program director, recently compiled a list of eight signs that might indicate someone is hurting and warrant a kind conversation to check-in: 

  1. Lack of Energy. Experiencing poor sleep, eating and exercise. 
  2. Socially Withdrawn. Avoiding people and isolating self. 
  3. Problems Focusing. Making more mistakes and being easily distracted. 
  4. Minimal Motivation. Losing joy in activities and career. 
  5. Change in Baseline. Becoming more cynical, irritable, restless, etc. 
  6. Increased Absences. Not showing up for work or social engagements. 
  7. Substance Use. “Taking the edge off” might be a warning sign. 
  8. Silence. Silence is not always golden and warrants checking in. 

As a reminder, help is available 24/7 by calling the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, a free national service for help during emotional distress.

In addition, Huntington’s Della Marten Center offers inpatient and outpatient mental health services to support our community. For more, click here.