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Nov 30 2017

Huntington Senior Care Network featured in Alibaba Pictures and Pasadena Community Foundation Short Film Competition

Big Heart Small Film graphic

Alibaba Pictures and the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) recently partnered to tell stories of “doing good” in Pasadena with the launch of Big Heart Small Film, a short film competition. Showcasing aspiring filmmakers and inspiring non-profits, the Huntington Senior Care Network was featured in an entry, a short film entitled “Happy Anniversary,” which was directed by Muqing Li and produced by Lucas Paz. Special thank you to mentors Ann Hassett and Bob Niemack.

The Huntington Senior Care Network serves community members with the ultimate goal of helping seniors live safely in their homes and communities. This short film expresses the importance of supporting independence and health in older adults, adults with disabilities and their families.

To see “Happy Anniversary” and the other films created for the competition, please visit:

For more information about the Big Hearts Small Film event and competition, please visit: