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Huntington Hospital updates COVID-19 patient end-of-life visitation policy

Huntington Hospital updates COVID-19 patient end-of-life visitation policy
Jun 16 2020

After cautious review by a team of clinical and infection prevention specialists, Huntington Hospital has extended the exception for end-of-life visitation to loved ones of COVID-19 patients.

Hospital data shows that our infection prevention measures have worked to contain the spread of the virus within our walls and we are grateful to have adequate PPE to help protect family members who wish to see their loved ones in these circumstances. With this information, our team, who meets weekly to discuss hospital policies related to COVID-19, felt it was able to make this compassionate exception to these patient families.

While we understand that it is difficult to not be able to visit or stay a loved one while they are in the hospital, our visitor policy is essential to support the health and safety of our caregivers and preserve our limited supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gowns and more. For the time being, we remain closed to all other visitors, with exceptions listed on our visitor page.

The safety of our patients remains our guiding priority. For more information, please visit