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Huntington Hospital Presents Gaby Kuehl, RN, and Kimberly Shriner, MD, with Inaugural Heart of Huntington Award

Huntington Hospital Presents Gaby Kuehl, RN, and Kimberly Shriner, MD, with Inaugural Heart of Huntington Award
Oct 4 2021

Huntington Hospital has recently developed a peer-to-peer recognition program for employees called the Heart of Huntington Award. Inspired by an extraordinary act of kindness experienced by our President and CEO, Lori J. Morgan, MD, MBA, this quarterly award recognizes individuals who make their compassionate caring felt.

During the spring of 2020, Dr. Morgan received a card from a Huntington team member that had a message of thanks and appreciation, along with a small ceramic heart. After reading the card, Dr. Morgan admired the anatomically correct ceramic heart (which, as a trauma surgeon, she appreciated). She was uplifted and deeply touched. This gesture of kindness and caring came at just the right time, exactly when Dr. Morgan needed it.

To this day, Dr. Morgan keeps her card and the perfect little ceramic heart on her desk as a reminder that the smallest acts can make the biggest difference and that we are all in this together. 

The person who sent this simple but powerful expression of gratitude is Gaby Kuehl, RN, a nurse in Huntington’s critical care unit. She is now being recognized as the first person to receive the Heart of Huntington Award. Gaby has been described by those she works with as “the kind of caregiver you want working next to you.” She is a team player who always checks on her colleagues to see if there is anything she can help with. Gaby builds trust and collaboration within her team. She is committed to giving patients and their families her full attention, inspiring confidence and compassion when it is needed most.

The second recipient of the Heart of Huntington Award is Kimberly Shriner, MD, medical director of infection prevention and control. Dr. Shriner is an expert in infectious disease and was at the forefront of the AIDS epidemic. Today, she is Huntington’s source of truth when it comes to battling COVID-19, guiding Huntington’s efforts both inside and outside of its walls. During these fearful times, her trusted advice has reduced anxiety for many and ensured Huntington’s course was based on good science and clinical evidence.

Dr. Shriner is not only an undisputed expert. She is first and foremost a caregiver who leads with her heart. She is respected by her colleagues, patients and the community for the genuine care she gives to her patients.

Congratulations to Gaby and Dr. Shriner for representing the true heart of Huntington!