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Huntington Health presents Heart of Huntington Award to recipients and finalists

Huntington Health presents Heart of Huntington Award to recipients and finalists
Mar 28 2023

Huntington recently held its sixth ceremony to honor team members with the Heart of Huntington Award. Developed as a peer-to-peer recognition program for employees, physicians and volunteers, this quarterly award honors clinical and non-clinical individuals for displaying extraordinary acts of kindness to our patients, their families and one another.

During the ceremony, Lori J. Morgan, MD, MBA, president and CEO of Huntington Health, presented Heart of Huntington Awards to Keith Tsang, MD, and Zim Liang, BA. Dr. Tsang received the clinical Heart of Huntington Award for his empathetic and compassionate approach to care in the emergency department (ED) for patients – often experiencing the most stressful, frightening and painful moments in their lives. In addition to keeping the patient’s best interest at the forefront of his work, his positive presence and willingness to go out of his way to help colleagues and work extra hours have earned him respect, admiration and gratitude. Receiving more than 30 nominations – a Heart of Huntington record – Dr. Tsang is regarded as a reliable leader, teacher and peer. “Dr. Tsang embodies Huntington’s core values so effortlessly, even with the difficult work he does. His peers praise his collaborative nature and commitment to excellence. They commend his deep respect for everyone on the floor and how he delivers patient care with integrity. He is a true steward of Huntington and our mission. And our ED is stronger because of it,” said Dr. Morgan.

Zim Liang received the non-clinical Heart of Huntington Award for her compassionate work as a resource specialist in the Senior Care Network. Zim guides clients and their families through the Assisted Living Waiver process, which can be a challenging life transition, but Zim comforts them with her patience and kindness. A common sentiment among her colleagues and clients is gratitude. Many colleagues recognized Zim for honoring the needs of applicants and their families; providing support through regular check-ins and ongoing communication is a hallmark of her service. A client’s granddaughter also gave Zim high praise: She wants to do what Zim does when she grows up, which is a significant tribute to Zim’s exceptional community care. “Zim is truly making a difference in people’s lives: in her everyday work, in her genuine disposition and nature of kindness, and in letting people know they matter – especially during times of need,” said Dr. Morgan.

Dr. Morgan also recognized clinical finalist, Stacey C. Pereira, BSN, RN-C, and non-clinical finalist, Frances Kim, MHA. Stacey was nominated for her ability to “wear many hats” as a clinical manager, which requires supporting multiple teams and consistently meeting each need in her area.

Frances was acknowledged for possessing “unparalleled and exceptional” project manager attributes that keep the team moving forward as it evolves to meet patients’ needs. Her colleagues appreciate her “can-do” attitude and the strong, steady support she provides

Congratulations to these amazing recipients and finalists!

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