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Congratulations to November’s DAISY Award winner, Eileen Castro, RN

Congratulations to November’s DAISY Award winner, Eileen Castro, RN
Dec 19 2019

As a designated Magnet hospital, Huntington Hospital is a recognized leader in nursing excellence. Every day, our nurses go above and beyond for our patients, and we are proud to recognize them for their efforts. Huntington Hospital’s November DAISY Award winner, Eileen Castro, RN, was nominated by a patient who wrote the following:

“I am honored to nominate Eileen Castro for a Daisy Award after she provided nursing care above and beyond what is expected. My husband was admitted for what he said was chest pain and that it was the same sensation as it was in 2005 when he needed emergency heart surgery. Being the wife and a nurse, I simply jumped to the conclusion that he was going to need an angiogram and another open heart surgery. Thankfully he was at our skilled hospital for the most proper and thorough testing! All aspects of what is possible could be were tested.

Eileen Castro with the Daisy award

Having been in the ER for almost 12 hours, he was grumpy and wanting to get settled. His admitting nurse was amazing, but on day 2 when the cardiac testing started, he was under the care of Eileen. Eileen has such a different and comforting bedside manner. She is very skilled at what she does and boy, does she do things by the old nursing school standards! As a nurse, I appreciate that! She has a fun and comforting personality. It is very calming and reassuring, especially when she knows I am a nurse and only thinking the worst! Eileen was always seen rounding and she constantly gave us updates as initially we thought he would go back to nuclear about noon, but it ended up being close to 4 p.m. before they finished the stress test. All the while, Eileen kept us posted. We settled in and assumed that we would spend another night in the hospital awaiting results.

At about 5 p.m., Eileen comes into the room asking us if we were ready to go and informed us my hubby was cleared to go by the physician and she would start processing our discharge. Wow, Eileen should be the trainer for a timely discharge. Within 25 minutes, we received the most thorough of discharge instructions and reviewed everything. She had everything nestled in the discharge folder and we had no questions as she had covered everything, as if she already anticipated our questions. One thing Eileen did that stood out which no one has ever done on my husband when they take his IV out, is sit and hold pressure since he is on Coumadin. Eileen sat and chit chatted while she did that. If you can believe someone so happy to get home and not have an enormous bruise from the IV, well my husband was thrilled!

When we left, my hubby commented on having Eileen as his nurse and how she has been the best in the couple of times he has been a patient. Eileen should be awarded this honor simply for her true professionalism to nursing. “

Thank you, Eileen, for your dedication to our patients and commitment to nursing. Congratulations on your DAISY award!

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