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Congratulations to March DAISY Award winner, Mariya Ransom, RN

Congratulations to March DAISY Award winner, Mariya Ransom, RN
Apr 5 2019

As a designated Magnet hospital, Huntington Hospital is a recognized leader in nursing excellence. Every day, our nurses go above and beyond for our patients, and we are proud to recognize them for their efforts. Huntington Hospital’s March DAISY Award winner, Mariya Ransom, RN, labor and delivery, was nominated by a patient who wrote the following:

During my stay on labor and delivery, I received care from more nurses than I can remember. Out of all those names and faces, Mariya always stood apart since the first day she was assigned as my nurse. I could sense that she genuinely cared about the importance of the role she played and cared about her patients. She wasn’t just counting down the hours while doing the minimum until she goes home. My stay was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. The whole experience was nerve wracking and filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and often times sadness. The words enjoyable, comfortable and pleasant are not words I would have ever thought to use when describing my lengthy hospital stay; however, when Mariya was my nurse, she did just that. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. She provided amazing tips and tricks to help make my long-term stay much more enjoyable, comfortable and pleasant. Mariya was the one who taught me to elevate my arm, which had an uncomfortable IV, with a pillow to increase circulation and make it less irritating. When I complained about how uncomfortable I was from the straps of all the monitors, she made a wrap from a pillowcase which helped tremendously. She also took her time to explain to me what she is looking for on the monitors. The times she spent to better understand me and my situation felt genuine and productive, which I believed led to a more personalized and attentive care. Not only did Mariya take the time to make me feel like I had her undivided attention, she also went above and beyond to make sure my husband, who was staying with me, knew what was going on and also took the time to get to know him and make him feel comfortable as well. No matter how busy the unit was, she would always check-in with me and my husband to give us updates and what to expect next, such as assessments, medications etc. This simple action made me feel like I could depend on her if any emergencies were to come up. In fact, the nights when Mariya was my nurse were the nights that I felt most comfortable and knew that I could get a peaceful night’s rest. Mariya went above and beyond even after I transferred off the unit and was no longer in her care. Mariya was so kindhearted and caring that she would visit me during her break time to follow-up and make sure I was doing well. While she didn’t have to do this, the fact that she did strengthened my conviction to nominate her for the DAISY Award. My lengthy stay at Huntington Hospital would not have been the same without her.

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