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Jan 20 2020

Congratulations to December’s DAISY award winner, Jenna Weichman, RN

Jenna Weichman with the Daisy award

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jenna. She always goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and take care of her patients. I can always count on her without a doubt. I had a patient who had a mental breakdown in the hallway. Jenna came right away when I asked for help. I was impressed with her patience and positive attitude. She took her time to comfort the patient and even sat on the floor with my patient until the patient calmed down. Another day, I had an agitated patient who kept on getting out of bed. Jenna automatically stayed in the room and kept an eye on the patient for me. Without her support, I would not be able to focus on my work and care for my other patients. I really appreciate Jenna for all her support, encouragement and also bringing kindness to our unit which eases a challenging work environment. My patients expressed their gratitude for her as well. I feel very fortunate to have her here on our team! Thank you for all you do!

Congratulations, Jenna, for your well-deserved DAISY Award! For more information about the DAISY Award, please visit: