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Dec 15 2021

Congratulations to 2020 DAISY Team Award winners, 6 East and DOU

Daisy Award Winners 2020 - 6 East
6 East 2020 Daisy Award Winners
Daisy Award Winners 2020 - DOU
DOU 2020 Daisy Award Winners

As a designated Magnet hospital, Huntington Hospital is a recognized leader in nursing excellence. Every day, our nurses go above and beyond for our patients, and we are proud to recognize them for their efforts. After much delay due to the pandemic, we were finally able to celebrate 6 East and DOU for their achievement: Huntington Hospital’s 2020 DAISY Team Awards!

6 East was nominated by a patient who wrote the following:

“This was my first hospital stay ever in my life. I would really like to recognize these nurses and staff: Diane, Kristofer, Lilian, Maria and Angelica. All of them were extremely comforting, caring, compassionate, prompt, polite and efficient at their jobs. Lilian, Maria and Angelica kept me and my wife comfortable and in good spirits, and met my basic needs. We always had ice water and never lacked for anything. Diane and Kristofer were the best; they kept my pain under control by being prompt and accurate when administering my medication, which was required to maintain my pain levels from getting out of control. I cannot express how grateful I am for all their care. They went above and beyond. I would also like to give a standing ovation to the 6E staff/team,
especially the night shift!”

DOU was nominated by a patient who wrote the following:

“I ended up in a bed that self-adjusts, but because of a physical condition, it created discomfort on my back. I became quite agitated and asked to be moved to a different bed, one that did not self-adjust. I became more agitated when I found out all the beds self-adjust and aimed my anger at Ray. Throughout the evening, he remained calm and supportive, making sure I was as comfortable as possible. For the remainder of my lengthy stay, he was never anything less than pleasant and professional. He was friendly. I had a procedure that was stressful and will always remember many of the details, but I will also remember the kindness and patience of Ray.

My nurse Laura was also cheerful, professional and reassuring. She was supposed to be off the next day, and I was surprised to see her; she was called in to cover on her day off. I heard a visitor raising their voice at her, and it made me reflect on my behavior with Ray previously. After that encounter, Laura came into my room. There was no evidence in her expression or manner that anything stressful had occurred. I never saw anything but care and comfort with professionalism. By the end of my stay, I felt a deep respect and sense of friendship for Ray and Laura. I wanted you to hear my story firsthand from me so that you could hear the true emotion in my heart that I feel for them.”

Congratulations, 6 East and DOU, for your well-deserved DAISY Team Awards! For more information about the DAISY Award, please visit