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Huntington Collection Donates over $1 million to Senior Care Network

Huntington Collection Donates over $1 million to Senior Care Network
Sep 12 2023

It’s not every day that a resale shop can donate over a million dollars to an important cause, but the philanthropic resale store, Huntington Collection, recently did just that.

This month, Huntington Collection presented a check for $1 million to Senior Care Network (SCN), a nationally recognized program that helps more than 15,000 older adults, adults with disabilities, and family caregivers annually with their goals to live safely in their homes and get the care they need. The donation came from proceeds generated at the East Pasadena resale store, which was recently relocated to its new home 2670 East Colorado Blvd. in August 2022. This is part of a long-standing commitment of Huntington Collection to donate all proceeds to SCN, contributing more than $11 million to SCN since 1984.

But donations are just one part of Huntington Collection’s mission. This beloved furniture, home décor and clothing resale shop’s team also provides many compassionate services to the community. In the early days of COVID-19 when shutdowns were being ordered, its old location on 766 South Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena followed regulation. Not skipping a beat, Huntington Collection’s service to the community was immediately repurposed as a warehouse for pallets upon pallets of personal protective equipment, generously donated by the community.

“Our longstanding team at Huntington Collection has shown dedication to our community over and over again,” said Lori J. Morgan, MD, MBA, president and CEO. “It takes a special team to offer support to families when they are parting ways with treasured items, especially in instances where a loved one has passed away or making a difficult move. In addition, throughout COVID-19, our staff members were instrumental in collecting and maintaining the incredible amount of PPE donated by the community for our caregivers. I’m deeply proud of their hard work and commitment to our organization.”

The shop reopened in its new location in summer of 2022 and brought back one of its most helpful services: packing up items for donors and selling these treasured items to the community.  This free service means a lot to the community. Moving is often coupled with lifechanging events like death, divorce or relocating a family for a new job. It’s an emotional time, and the team is there for support – especially for seniors who are downsizing or moving after the death of a spouse. The Huntington Collection team helps donors part with cherished items that cannot fit in a smaller home, like family heirlooms, antiquities from far off lands or intricate textiles from another time. Yet in the face of heartache, donors are comforted knowing that their items will support a good cause.    

A couple stands in front of a Huntington Collection truck

One couple from San Marino knows this firsthand. They recently downsized to a much smaller home and were advised by their friends to only take the things they love. They tried, but the task at hand proved to be emotionally difficult. The couple was grateful for Huntington Collection’s support. “They thoughtfully went through their treasured memories and selected their very favorites,” said Linda Stroud. “Honestly, it has been a helpful transition just knowing the willingness of the Huntington Collection to pack and pick up the items we cannot take.”

Huntington Collection: A woman is laughing and happy as she holds up an article of clothing next to clothing racks

The other mission of Huntington Collection, of course, is curating great finds for customers. “Finding an item you really love at any store always feels great,” said Anita Espinoza, a frequent shopper at Huntington Collection. “But when buying that item also helps uplift someone in my community, it’s even more special. I’ve been shopping at Huntington Collection for over 20 years and that’s why I love this place. It’s not just retail therapy. It’s compassion.”

Whether they’re helping community members through life transitions, providing loyal customers with pre-loved treasures, or donating more than a million dollars from proceeds to SCN, Huntington Collection has a philanthropic business model that gives in spades – and provides a full circle service to the community it serves.   

Huntington Collection is open Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To learn more about the shop, please visit: