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Huntington Health provides more than $161 million in community benefits

Huntington Health provides more than $161 million in community benefits
Apr 2 2024

As part of its non-profit mission, Huntington Health provides significant benefits to the communities it serves, often in the form of health education, outreach, and low or no-cost hospital care for the uninsured and those with limited means. Every year, Huntington Health submits the Annual Report and Plan for Community Benefit to the Department of Health Care Assessment and Information. In 2023, Huntington Health provided an estimated total of $161,549,349 worth of health care services and support to residents of the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.

“As the largest non-profit, health care institution in the San Gabriel Valley, we have an abiding commitment to improve the health and well-being of our community,” says Lori J. Morgan, MD, MBA, president and CEO, Huntington Health.” This community benefit report details the many ways Huntington Health, with support from our trusted community partners, enhances access to care throughout Pasadena and surrounding areas. I’m incredibly proud of these efforts.”

These community benefits include charity care for those patients unable to pay, as well as care expenses underwritten by the hospital that reflect the differences between the actual cost of the care and the amount of money received for patients covered by Medicare and/or Medi-Cal.

Community benefits support research, education and training, including clinical research, graduate medical education programs, scholarships, and continuing education in nursing and many other disciplines. It also directs benefits to the community-at-large, such as seniors, other vulnerable populations or the underserved, and those suffering from specific diseases (such as lung cancer).

“We are highly appreciative of the support provided by Huntington Health to the Pasadena Public Health Department’s Pasadena Outreach Response Team (PORT) program and our joint Community Health Needs Assessment of Greater Pasadena, in addition to the important role Huntington staff play in supporting community vaccination,” said Director of Public Health and Health Officer, Dr. Ying-Ying Goh. “This partnership provides support for our community’s health outside of the hospital, focusing on prevention and social drivers of health.”

Some highlights from the 2023 community benefits include:

  • 2,820 callers benefited from Senior Care Network (SCN) support and referrals
  • 2,572 community members received free Fentanyl and Narcan education
  • 1,681 free flu shots
  • 1,232 health screenings and counseling
  • 1,095 residents, interns and nursing students received education and training
  • 802 people with transportation assistance in the form of bus tokens and cab fares
  • 549 older community members participated in a virtual educational lecture series
  • 507 seniors received help to continue living safely in their homes.
  • 414 patients participated in cancer support groups
  • 357 people with lactation support post-discharge
  • 251 people with a six-week diabetes education series
  • 78 patients with discounted or free prescription medications

To learn more about this report and how Huntington supports the community, click here.